Calc is a little byproduct of Plot. It is mainly the builtin calculator of Plot as standalone application.

Calc is easy to use, just enter your calculation in the lower text field and hit return to get the result in the upper textfield. The result of every calculation is stored in a variable (r0 ... r<n>). These variables can be used in later calculation. The Arrow-Up and Arrow-Down keys allows you to browse through calculation history.


Calc 1.14 (universal binary), download

Calc functions

Calc allow entering of mathematical expressions and supports the following functions:

+, -, *, /, ^, **arithmetic operations
%, modmodulo
( )grouping
rad(x), deg(x)radian, degree conversion
sin(x),cos(x),tan(x)trigonometric functions
asin(x),acos(x),atan(x)inverse trigonometric functions
sinh(x),cosh(x),tanh(x)hyperbolic functions
asinh(x),acosh(x),atanh(x)inverse hyperbolic functions
ln(x),log(x),log2(x_natural and logarithm to basis 10 and basis 2
exp(x), exp2(x)exponent for basis e and 2
sqrt(x)square root
cbrt(x)cubic root
<name>=<expression>defines a user variable

There are some special commands in the calculator:

clrreset the calculator and deletes all variables and the history but not the user variables.
clrallreset the calculator and deletes all variables and the history.
varsshow a list of available variables
histshow the calculator history
quit, ""exit""terminate the program
helpshow help