Text Inspector

Text Inspector

This inspector controls the graphical attributes of text objects.

Background: Enables or disables background drawing for text objects.

Color: The color of the text background.

Alignment: Defines the text alignment inside the text objects frame.

Angle: The angle of text objects. The four buttons allow easy selection of the usual angles.

X Position, Y Position: The position of the text.

Textbox Alignment: Defines the alignment of the enclosing frame of a text object.

Coord.Sys.: Defines the coordinate system to which the text object belongs. This allows text with a fixed position in the window and also text which floats with the data.

Auto Positioning: This option allow to give a text a fixed position inside your plot. The button matrix on the right selects the position relative to the plot frame.

Auto Positioning Angle: The angle of auto positioning text objects.

Auto Positioning Offset: The offset between plot frame and auto positioning text.