MySQL Import

This function allow direct import of data from a MySQL database. In the upper field of the panel you have to define the database parameters. The list on the left contains a list of all your MySQL queries. In the lower part you can enter an SQL query; typically in the form:

SELECT <x column>,<y column> FROM <table> WHERE ...

MySQL Import Panel

Import, Export: Allows to import or export the whole query set and store it in a file for later use.

Delete: Delete the selected MySQL query.

Add: Add a new empty MySQL query.

Execute: Performs the MySQL query and generate buffers as needed.

Host: The host where your database resides.

Database: The database name.

Port: The TCP port of your database (usually 3306).

Username, Password: MySQL login informations.

Auto Update: If checked the data will automatically updated e.g. if you open the document.

Auto Rescale: If checked your document will be rescaled after an data update.