Macro Inspector

Plot has a build in programing interface which allow editing of three different types of programs.

builtin Plot macro language
can be used to control nearly all function of Plot and automate complex tasks.
Perl based import filter
because of the power of Perl this option makes it possible to import every sort of data.
Perl based data filter
allows to send your data buffer to a perl script

The interface is the same for all of them. It is possible to call the the perl programs from the Plot macro language.

Macro Inspector

The big text field contain the macro itself. The small text field is the output console where messages or debug info can be printed. The list on the right contains a list of all your macros.

Type: Selects the type of your macro.

Shortcuts: You can create an unlimited number of macros but only 26 keyboard shortcuts for macros.

Up, Down: Moves the selected macro in the list up or down.

Clr: This clears the console output.

Import, Export: Allows to import or export the whole macro set and store it in a file for later use.

Add: Create a new empty macro.

Delete: Delete the currently selected macro.

Insert Style: Insert all style attributes from the current document into the macro

Execute: Executes the macro on the current document.