Macro Language: Document Commands


Opens a new document.


Close the current document window.

open <filename>

Opens the document with the given filename.


Save the current document.

saveas <filename>

Save document to new file.

savepng <filename> [dpi]

Save document as PNG file. The default resolution is 72 dpi.

savejpg <filename> [dpi]

Save document as JPG file. The default resolution is 72 dpi.

savepdf <filename>

Save document as PDF file.

saveeps <filename>

Save document as EPS file.


Print the current document.

import <filename> <mode> [separator] [xcol] [noxcol] [comment] [ignore] [comment sequence] [only number lines]

Import an ASCII file
<mode>: Import mode (0=multicolumn, 1=error values).
[separator]: Defines the field separator for ASCII import.
[xcol]: Defines the X column starting with 1 as the first column.
[noxcol]: If true all columns will be interpreted a Y values and the X values will be generated as sequence number.
[comment]: Overwrites the default comment for the imported buffers.
[ignore]: Lines containing this string will be ignored.
[comment sequence]: Anything in a line behind this sequence will be ignored for import.
[only number lines]: If true import ignores all lines which not begin with a number.

binaryimport <filename> <type> <mode> <swap> <columns> [comment]

Performs a binary import of data.
<type>: Defines the data type (0=double (64bit), 1=float (32bit), 2=integer (32 bit), 3=integer (16 bit)).
<mode>: Defines the import mode (0=column mode, 1=block mode).
<swap>: Enables or disables byte order swapping.
<columns>: The number of columns to import.

mysqlimport <host> <db> <user> <password> <port> <sql>

Import data from mysql database.

export <file> <BUFFER>

Export buffers as ASCII file.