Graphic Inspector

Graphic Inspector

This inspector controls the graphical attributes of graphic objects. Currently lines, arrows, rectangle, and circles are supported.

Type: Selects the graphic type.

Maintain Graphic Aspect Ratio: If checked the size of imported graphics can only changed accordingly the image proportions.

Background: Enables or disables background drawing for rectangles and circles.

1. X Position, 1. Y Position, 2. X Position, 2. Y Position: The position of the graphic object.

Width, Height: Size of the graphic object.

Coord.Sys.: Defines the coordinate system to which the graphic object belongs. This allows graphics with a fixed position in the window and also graphics which floats with the data.

Linewidth: Defines the width of lines.

Line Pattern: Defines the dash pattern for lines. 16 pattern are available.

Display: Display the graphic object on the background or in front.

Fill: Enables filling of rectangles and circles. The color field defines the fill color.

Color: The line color of the graphic object.

Arrow at linestart, Arrow at lineend: Switch arrows on or off.

Arrow Size: The size of arrows.

Arrow Type: The style of the arrows.