General Inspector

General Inspector

The General Inspector controls some general attributes of your document.

Window Width, Window Height: The size of the window in pixel. Useful to generate two documents with the same size.

Enable drawing of every data point: If checked Plot draws always every data point. Typically Plot decides how many data points will be plotted and the result is reasonable. In some cases enabling this option can enhance your plot.

Force rendering with high quality: Plot automatically decides how to render your plot. Checking this option forces to render always in highest quality (which can dramatically slow down Plot on huge data sets).

Frame Margins: The margins between window and plot frame. You can use the mouse to control the framesize if you choose the select tool (see mouse modes).

Subview Size/Pos.: The size and location of the currently selected subview.

Preset: Allows easy selection of margin preset for plot with one or two axis.

Draw Background: Defines the background color inside the plot frame and if the background should be drawn or not.

Draw Margins: Defines the background color on the margins and if the margin background should be drawn or not.

Draw Frame Defines the color of the plot frame and if the frame should be drawn or not.

Arrows: Draw arrows and the line ends for framestyle 0 Cross and XY.

Always draw frame: Forces to plot a full frame even if your framestyle is XY or 0 cross.

Framewidth: Defines the width of the frame.

Framestyle: Allows to select different framestyles. If Frame is selected a full frame will be plotted, XY style plots only a line on the X and Y axis, 0 Cross draws a XY cross at the null position.

Arrow Size: The size of frame arrows.

Arrow Type: The style of frame arrows.