Calculations Inspector

Calculations Inspector

This inspector contains the function generator and the calculator which allows buffer calculations.

Function Generator

As the name implies the Function Generator allows to generate function plots from arbitrary expressions.

X, Y: Select the target. Enter the expression in the field below.

Min, Max: The range in which the expression should be calculated.

Steps, Increment: The number of steps which should be calculated. These two fields depends on each other; if you enter one the other one will be calculated automatically. The number of steps is limited to 1000000.

Generate Buffer: Runs the function generator and generate a new buffer.

Buffer Calculations

The Buffer Calculation function allows to perform an arbitrary calculation on all selected buffers.

X Value, Y Value, X Error, Y Error: Select the target. Enter the expression in the field below.

Perform Calculation: Execute the calculation.

Buffer Calculations allow the use of some special variables:

xx value
yy value
exx error value
eyx error value
bnbuffer number
nbnumber of buffers
cbnumber of the current buffers
npnumber of datapoints
dpthe current datapoint

Buffer 1, Buffer 2: The lower part of the calculation area allows to perform basic calculations between two buffers. This work also for buffers with different X axis and different numbers of data points. Only the overlapping area will be processed and missing points will be interpolated.

Swap XY: Clicking this button swaps the X and Y values in all selected buffers. Error values will also be swapped if available.