Axis Labels Inspector

Axis Label Inspector

The Axis Labels Inspector controls the axis label attributes and allows to assign arbitrary labels instead of the automatically generated numbers. The button at the top of the inspector selects on which axis the attributes below apply to.

If Apply changes to all Buffer is selected the changes will provided to all 4 axis.

Text Font: The font for the axis labels.

Text Offset: The distance between text labels and the frame.

Number Font: The font for the axis numbers.

Text Offset: The distance between numbers and the frame.

Angle: The angle of axis numbers. The four buttons allow easy selection of the usual angles.

Alignment: Defines the alignment of axis numbers.

Label Color: Defines the color of axis numbers and axis text labels.

Display Axis Numbers: Only if checked axis numbers will be drawn.

Display Axis Text: Only if checked axis text labels will be drawn.

Clear: deletes all labels for the currently selected axis.

The table at the bottom with two columns shows on the left the numbers which are generated by Plot. In the right column you can enter a replacement for the numbers. It is a good idea to do this after you have defined the desired range for the axis because changing the range can make your labels invisible.