News: Plot2 is comming soon!

9.2.14 -


This is the Homepage of Plot, a scientific 2D plotting program for Mac OS X.

Plot is designed for everyday plotting, it is easy to use, it create high quality plots, it allows easy and powerful manipulations and calculations of data and it is free.

Available Features

  • ASCII, Binary, MySQL, SciPlot and Perl based import filter
  • PDF, EPS, JPG, PNG, ASCII export
  • subviews, automatic legend plotting, inline images
  • X and Y error bars (absolut, relative and from data)
  • expression parsing with with ~60 builtin functions
  • copy & paste, spreadsheet like data editor
  • symbol, lines, bars, filled areas, histograms, sticks
  • curve fitting
  • sophisticated spline fitting with autocorrelation
  • background subtraction
  • fft smooth, least square smooth, spline interpolation
  • differentiation, integration and FFT
  • least square regression (linear, logarithmic, exponential)
  • normalizing, data moving, data calculations
  • function generator, builtin calculator
  • macro programming language with ~220 builtin commands
  • Perl based scripting
  • dynamic data sources and automated data processing
  • four independent x and y axis (linear, logarithmic, time)
  • flexible automatic axis labeling and free defined axis labels
  • partial loading (layout, colors, etc.)
  • easy navigation, zoom and scale with mouse
  • commandline interface for none interactive data processing
  • report generation tool
  • text and graphics objects